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Arborist News

The most recent issue of Arborist News and those dating back to February 2002 are currently live in a new user-friendly viewer. Just click the links below. Additional back issues are being added to our digital archive on an ongoing basis. We appreciate your patience during the migration.

Arborist News, a bimonthly ISA magazine, provides the latest in arboricultural news and education. This magazine is an ISA member benefit with an average circulation of nearly 22,000. Each issue also offers opportunities for ISA credential holders to earn CEUs.

ISA Members may log in and view Arborist News online. Open access to Arborist News magazines one year or older is available here.

Submitting Articles and Letters to the Editor

Article submissions or letters to the editor may be sent by e-mail to They may also be submitted by mail to Arborist News Editor, P.O. Box 3129, Champaign, IL 61826-3129 United States.

Technical Review

Technical articles submitted for Arborist News consideration should present educational information or knowledge pertaining to the art and science of arboriculture or related fields. Articles must be reviewed and approved by a minimum of two people before being accepted for print. They are sent to reviewers from the Arborist News Editorial Board, or other professionals with technical expertise in the subject area. Technical articles are also reviewed by at least one staff member with some knowledge of the subject matter.

Articles with controversial content may be subject to review by multiple reviewers. Articles that are not accepted may be returned to the author with suggested revisions, or may be rejected outright.

If revisions are not extensive, and meet the requirements of the reviewers, revised articles may be approved for publishing. If the revisions required are extensive, the revised article must go through the review process again.

Advertising in Arborist News

The International Society of Arboriculture serves the largest and most diverse audience of tree care professionals in the world. Learn more about advertising in our publications to reach your markets of interest with a targeted marketing message placed in one of our publications.

For information about advertising opportunities in Arborist News, contact

Arborist News Advertising Policies

Acceptance and publication of advertisements, editorial copy, or product announcements does not necessarily imply that ISA endorses any particular product or technique, nor does it reflect the opinion of ISA regarding any such product or technique.

Any page of advertising that contains text or design elements that have an editorial appearance must be clearly and conspicuously identified with the words "advertising" or "advertisement," horizontally at or near the center of the top of the page. The words must be in type at least equal in size and weight to the publication’s normal editorial body typeface. The word "advertorial" should not be used. The layout, design, and typeface of advertising pages should be distinctly different from the publication’s normal layout, design, and typefaces.

The editors will not create content for special advertising sections or other advertisements.

Arborist News reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that it deems inappropriate or unsuitable for the publication or contrary to the mission of the International Society of Arboriculture.

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